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City Council

The Blue Earth City Council consists of a mayor and six council members. Both the mayor and council members are elected to four-year terms. Blue Earth is divided into three wards. All elective offices shall be at-large elective offices. The mayor and council members can be contacted by calling City Hall at 507.526.7336.

Richard Scholtes


Current Term: 3rd
Year Elected: 2012
Current Term Expires: January 6, 2025
Contact Information:  (507) 526-7336 or 

Boards, Commissions, & Committees: Housing & Redevelopment Authority, Joint Planning Board/Blue Earth & Jo Daviess Townships, Charter Commission, Economic Development Authority (Liaison), Joint Animal Powers Subcommittee, Administrative Penalty Review Board

Russ Erichsrud

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 3rd
Year Elected: 2010
Current Term Expires: January 3, 2023
Contact Information:  (507) 526-2394

Boards, Commissions, & Committees: Faribault County Fitness Center Board (Liaison), Joint Fire Service Advisory Board, Zoning Subcommittee

Wendy Cole

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 2nd
Year Elected: 2016
Current Term Expires: January 3, 2023
Contact Information: (507) 525-2003 or

Boards, Commissions, & Committees: EDA Board (Liaison), Library Board (Liaison)

Dan Ristau

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 1st
Current Term Expires: January 3, 2023
Contact Information:

Boards, Commissions, & Committees:    Parks & Recreation Subcommittee


John Huisman

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 5th
Year Elected: 2007
Current Term Expires: January 6, 2025
Contact Information: (507) 525-6426 or

Boards, Commissions, & Committees:  Joint City/School Recreation Subcommittee, Rural Entrepreneurial Venture (REV)

Marty Cassem

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 7th
Year Elected: 2014
Current Term Expires: January 3, 2023
Contact Information: 

Boards, Commissions, & Committees: Senior Center Board (Liaison), Street Improvement Subcommittee

Ann Hanna

Ward: At-large elective office

Current Term: 1st
Current Term Expires: Jan. 3, 2023
Contact Information: (507) 525-5223  or

Boards, Commissions & Committees:
Blue Earth Airport Advisory Commission (Liaison), Board of Public Works (Liaison)



Honorary City Council Member

Current term January 2023 – May 2023

Honorary City Council Member Information



2022 City Council Meeting Schedule

Unless otherwise announced, all city council meetings take place at Blue Earth City Hall, located at 125 W 6th St. Meetings are called to order at 5:00 P.M. and adjourn when the agenda has been completed. The 2022 meeting schedule is as follows:

Work Session Agenda Regular Council Agenda Financials Minutes
  1-3-22 Council Meeting 2022 January Financial Reports 1-3-22 Council Meeting Minutes
1-18-22 Council Worksession 1-18-22 Council Meeting   1-18-22 Council Meeting Minutes
2-7-22 Council Worksession 2-7-22 Council Meeting 2022 February Financial Reports 2-7-22 Council Meeting Minutes
2-22-22 Council Worksession 2-22-22 City Council Meeting   2-22-22 Council Meeting Minutes
3-7-22 Council Worksession 3-7-22 City Council Meeting 2022 March Financial Reports 3-7-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  3-21-22 City Council Meeting   3-21-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  4-4-22 City Council Meeting 2022 April Financial Reports 4-4-22 Council Meeting Minutes
4-18-22 Council Worksession 4-18-22 City Council Meeting   4-18-22 Council Meeting Minutes
5-2-22 Council Worksession 5-2-22 Council Meeting 2022 May Financial Reports 5-2-22 Council Meeting Minutes
5-16-22 Council Worksession 5-16-22 Council Meeting   5-16-22 Council Meeting Minutes
6-6-22 City Council Worksession 6-6-22 City Council Meeting 2022 June Financial Reports   6-6-22 Council Meeting Minutes
6-21-22 City Council Worksession 6-21-22 City Council Meeting   6-21-22 Council Meeting Minutes
7-5-22 City Council Worksession 7-5-22 Council Meeting 2022 July Financial Reports 7-5-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  7-18-22 Council Meeting   7-18-22 Council Meeting Minutes
8-1-22 Council Worksession 8-1-22 Council Meeting 2022 August Financial Reports 8-1-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  8-15-22 Council Meeting   8-15-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  8-22-22 Council Meeting special 8-22-22 Council Meeting Special Minutes  
9-6-22 Council Worksession 9-6-22 Council Meeting 2022 September Financial Reports 9-6-22 Council Meeting Minutes
9-19-22 Council Worksession 9-19-22 Council Meeting   9-19-22 Council Meeting Minutes
10-3-22 Council Worksession 10-3-22 Council Meeting 2022 October Financial Reports 10-3-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  10-17-22 Council Meeting   10-17-22 Council Meeting Minutes
  11-7-22 Council Meeting 2022 November Financial Reports 11-7-22 Council Meeting Minutes
11-21-22 Council Worksession 11-21-22 Council Meeting   11-21-22 Council Meeting Minutes
12-05-22 Council Worksession 12-05-22 Council Meeting 2022 December Financial Reports 12-05-22 Council Meeting Minutes
12-19-22 Council Worksession 12-19-22 Council Meeting   12-19-22  Council Meeting Minutes

View older minutes in the archive.

Volunteer for City Boards & Commissions

Several opportunities arise every year for citizens to join different boards and commissions. Serving in these positions gives our residents a chance to participate in the management of the City. Boards and commissions serve to manage different sectors of municipal government and to make policy and budgetary recommendations to the City Council.

  • Airport Advisory Commission
  • Administrative Penalty Review Board
  • Board of Building Appeals
  • Board of Public Works
  • Board of Zoning Adjustments and Appeals
  • Charter Commission
  • Economic Development Authority
  • Faribault County Fitness Center Board
  • Housing and Redevelopment Authority
  • Joint Airport Zoning Board
  • Joint Fire Service Advisory Board
  • Joint Planning Board – Blue Earth City Township
  • Joint Planning Board – Jo Daviess Township
  • Library Board
  • Parks and Recreation Subcommittee
  • Planning Commission
  • Senior Center Board
  • Street Improvement Subcommittee

Local Sales & Use Tax

Residents and businesses may owe a local use tax on purchases made outside of Blue Earth city limits.  Local use tax applies when you buy items or services for use, storage, distribution or consumption in the local area without paying local sales tax to the seller.  Use tax is similar to the sales tax and the rates are identical.  It is based on your cost of taxable purchases.  Common examples of when use tax is due are when (1) you buy items outside the local area and the seller doesn’t charge local sales tax, and you use or store the item in the local area, or (2) you buy a taxable item from an out-of-state seller who does not charge local sales tax.  If you believe you may owe a local use tax, you may contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Sales and Use Tax Division at 651-296-6181 or 800-657-3777 or go to for information and forms necessary for calculating and paying the tax.  The Department of Revenue provides a link to Fact Sheets 146, Use Tax for Businesses, and 156, Use Tax for Individuals, for more information about use taxes.

Certificate of Approval of Special Law by Governing Body and City of Blue Earth Resolution 19-07


Sales Tax Legislation approved by the Legislature in 2019.


Leland Parkway
           County State Aid Highway 16 reconstruction project.  

Wastewater Plant Reconstruction
           Completed 2019


Projects Amount
Parks $    150,000
Other Street Reconstruction $ 4,700,000
Wastewater Plant Reconstruction $    150,000
Total $ 5,000,000

Projects will be completed to the extent that projects presented to the citizens were acted on.  Primary differences in what was envisioned at the time the Sales Tax was enacted include a decision the Council made with a focus on street reconstruction.  This in turn frees up more general fund revenue for Parks and Recreation. 

Access to Government Data & Public Information

To look at data or request copies of data that the City of Blue Earth keeps, please make a written  request to the City Administrator. You may make your written request for data by mail or email, but you must use the Data Request Form provided by the City of Blue Earth.