Small City, GIANT Living

The City of Blue Earth reminds commercial and residential property owners that pushing snow out of your driveway and across the roadway, pushing snow out of your driveway and then depositing it on the boulevard, and pushing snow and leaving it on the streets is dangerous and illegal.

Snow must stay on your property. The boulevards and right-of-way are owned by the City and used for removing snow from the streets and sidewalks only.

Violating this state law may result in fines to the property owner and person illegally placing the snow.

The City of Blue Earth understands the difficulty and inconvenience of residential and commercial snow removal but ask that you abide by these rules in order for Public Works crews to make progress during and after a snow event.

Please also be advised that collection containers cannot be within the curb line and need to be placed on driveways, sidewalks or areas specifically cleaned out on the boulevard.  Trash and recycle bins in the street do not have reflective material on them and if an accident occurs, will be the responsibility of the property owner.

The snowplows cannot go around garbage cans as it leaves piles of snow inside the curb line.  Each successive snowfall afterwards creates an ice berm blocking the snow and ice removal.

We apologize for striking cans, but snowplows need to maintain a speed of 15-20 mph (sometimes higher if the snow is wet and heavy) to allow the plows to scour and not push snow ahead.  Our drivers have been instructed not to purposefully hit cans but if they are inside the curb line, they are not to veer around them unless it will cause harm to other property (parked car, mailbox).

Thank you,

Jamie Holland, Blue Earth Public Works Director

Mary Kennedy, City Administrator