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640.02. Snow Removal and Ice Control Operations.

           Subd. 1. The Public Works Supervisor will decide when to begin snow removal or ice control operations. The criteria for that decision are:
A. Snow accumulation of 2 inches or more; with some consideration given to total accumulations expected per snowfall. For example if 3 to 5 inches of total accumulation are expected the decision may be to wait until snow has stopped.
B. Drifting of snow that causes problems for travel.
C. Icy conditions, which seriously affect travel.
D. Time of snowfall in relationship to heavy use of streets.
           Subd. 2. Plowing Procedures. The snow will be plowed in a manner so as to minimize any traffic obstruction. The center of the roadway is normally plowed first. The snow shall then be pushed outward to the curb and onto the boulevard. When a plow goes on a bridge, the driver shall slow down so that snow does not go over the bridge if possible. In times of extreme snowfall, streets may not always immediately be completely cleared of snow.

640.03. Priorities and Schedule for Which Streets Will be Plowed.

           Subd. 1. Initial Plowing. The city has classified city streets based on the street function, traffic volume, and importance to the welfare of the community. Those streets classified, as “Snow Emergency routes” will be plowed first. These are main roadways, which connect major sections of the city and provide access for emergency fire, police and medical services.
           Subd. 2. The second priority streets are those providing access throughout the residential area including schools, commercial businesses and churches.
           Subd. 3. The third priority is outlying areas such as the Industrial Park, Fairgrounds, etc.
           Subd. 4. Designated Emergency Routes.

West 1st Street ……….. from Main to County Road 16/Leland Parkway
West 2nd Street……….. from Main to Nicollet
7th Street……………… from East Street to Holland
East 10th Street……….. from Rice to Main
West 10th Street………. from Main to Nicollet
East 11th Street……….. from Rice to Main
14th Street……………… from Hwy 169 to River Road./ Valley Highland
South Rice Street……… from 7th to 17th Street
South Ramsey Street….. from 7th Street to 21st Street
Main Street……………. from Fairground Road to 14th Street
Nicollet Street………… from 1st Street to 10th Street

640.04. Snow Removal. The Public Works Supervisor will determine when snow will be removed by truck from areas where there is no room for snow storage such as the downtown business area and in areas where accumulated piles of snow create a hazardous condition. Snow removal operations normally will not commence until the initial plowing operation has been completed. The City will refrain from snow removal on windrowed streets around churches during church services, and other church function such as funerals, etc. Snow removal operations may be delayed depending on weather conditions, personnel and budget availability and other factors. The snow will be removed and hauled to a snow storage area. The snow storage area will be located so as to minimize environmental problems.

640.05. Snow Emergency.

           Subd. 1. After the initial plowing of the city and the snow removal operation has been completed the City Clerk/Administrator or his/her designee will declare a snow emergency.
           Subd. 2. Parking Prohibited. During a snow emergency, parking is prohibited on north and south streets (including Royal Acres and Tanglewood) on even numbered days and east west streets (including Fairview & Childs Addition) on odd numbered days.
           Subd. 3. Exempt Areas. Church parking areas during church services and central business district parking areas during normal business hours will not be affected by snow emergency parking regulations. A snow emergency will remain in effect until such time as the emergency has been lifted.
           Subd. 4. Notice. The City Clerk/Administrator or his/her designee shall give reasonable notice to the public that a Snow Emergency is declared. Notice may be given by posting notice on the community bulletin board, by announcing on the radio, and by whatever means the council or the Clerk/Administrator or his/her designee determines to be reasonable. Notice that the Snow Emergency was lifted shall be similarly given.

640.06. Work Schedule for Snowplow Operators. Snowplow operators will be expected to work 8 to 12 hour shifts. In severe snow emergencies, operators sometimes have to work in excess of 8 to 12 hour shifts. However, because of safety concerns, no operator shall work more than a 16-hour shift in any 24-hour period. Operators will take a 15-minute break every 2 hours with a half-hour meal break after 4 hours.

640.07. Weather Conditions. Snow and ice control operations will be conducted only when weather conditions do not endanger the safety of city employees and equipment. Factors that may delay snow and ice control operations include severe cold, significant winds and limited visibility.

640.08. Use of Sand, Salt and Other Chemicals. The City will use sand, salt and other chemicals when there are hazardous ice or slippery conditions. The City is concerned about the effect of such chemicals on the environment and may limit its use for that reason.

640.09. Sidewalks. The City will maintain some of the sidewalks in the city. As there are a limited number of personnel available, the City will only maintain these sidewalks after the streets have been plowed or the City may choose to contract out the snow removal of city sidewalks. Sidewalks within the City that have not been cleared of snow 24 hours after a snowfall will be cleared of snow by the City at the resident’s expense. Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays shall not be included in calculating the 24 hour time period. (Section 640.09 amended per Ordinance 00-06 passed 4-18-00.)

640.10. Mailboxes. In those instances in which the U.S. Postal Service does not provide door to door delivery, it is necessary for property owners to install mail boxes on city owned right-of-way immediately adjacent to the street curb. While the installation of mailboxes on city owned right-of-way is permitted, the mailbox owner assumes all risk of damage except where a mailbox is damaged through contact by snow removal vehicles. If a mailbox is damaged due to direct contact by a snow removal vehicle, the City, at its option, will repair or replace at a cost not to exceed $30.00. Also, additional cleaning around mailboxes is the resident’s responsibility.

640.11. Responsibility. The Police Department will monitor the street conditions and inform the Public Works Department of hazardous street conditions after normal work hours. Also will assist the Public Works Department by enforcing parking regulations during snow plowing and snow emergency periods.

640.12. Penalties.

           Subd. 1. The penalty for the first violation of the on-street snow emergency parking ban is a written warning.
           Subd. 2. The penalty for the second violation of the on-street snow emergency parking ban is a $25 ticket.
           Subd. 3. The penalty for the third and each subsequent violation of the on-street snow emergency parking ban is a $25 ticket and towing the vehicle. The owner is responsible for towing costs.