Small City, GIANT Living

The City of Blue Earth believes it is in the best interest of the residents to keep the City clean and free of garbage and nuisances of the like.  The City has leased eight 3-yard dumpsters and has made them available for residents to use.

Blue Earth residents may contact City Hall by telephone or in person to reserve a dumpster.  However no dumpster will be delivered until residents have acknowledged the dumpster policies and guidelines by signing a program policy agreement available at City Hall.   For a list of unacceptable wastes click here.

Dumpsters will be made available for one week (Thursday through Thursday).  The dumpsters are picked up by B & B Sanitation, dumped and delivered to the next address on the reservation list.

Each resident with a unique City utility billing account may receive one dump of the dumpster free of charge each calendar year.  Every additional dump during the requested week shall cost the resident $89.00 which is paid to the City prior to the City scheduling the dump.  This one time per year dumpster service is funded by a franchise fee of $2.00 per month added to the residential utility bill issued by the Blue Earth Light and Water Department.